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Legal Services of Greater Miami, Inc., Receives Quality of Life Award

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The Quality of Life Award is given to the person and/or entity, which through humanitarian respect, advances balance and fulfillment in lawyers’ lives by redefining current work habits and schedules to provide more flexibility and a more meaningful existence. Quality of Life shall be defined as finding equilibrium between work and family and community involvement to maximize good health and minimize stress in one’s career.

Legal Services of Greater Miami, Inc. is leading the way in redefining work habits and schedules to provide a more meaningful existence for its attorneys and staff. Management, attorneys, and staff all strive to find equilibrium between work, family, and community involvement; all while maximizing good health and minimizing job-related stress. LSGMI’s encourages all attorneys and staff to get involved in the community and to maintain a healthy work/life balance. In-house, LSGMI’s work and leave related policies also foster maximizing good health and minimizing job-related stress. LSGMI offers, at no cost to its employees, health, vision, dental, and life insurance. It also provides generous vacation leave, personal days, floating holidays, sick leave, and parental leave to its employees. Once parents return from leave, LSGMI understands the change in the families’ needs. Management works with staff to provide modified work schedules so that the parents can maximize valuable time with their children. LSGMI also includes its employees in creative professional development and fundraising activities. Its employees know how to have fun and get much-deserved rest and relaxation. For the past two years, LSGMI has closed the office during the holidays, giving all of its employees paid leave to decompress from the stresses of work, and to spend time with their families. Amongst its employees, LSGMI is famed for its luncheons and parties for the holidays, including a Thanksgiving feast, the Administrative Professional’s Day luncheon, and end-of-the-year festivities.