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Representative Campbell Thanks LSGMI For Assisting in Getting Resolution For Tenants Living In Deplorable Conditions

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On October 10, 2014 Representative Daphne Campbell issued a press release thanking Rebecca Schram from LSGMI for assisting her in improving the living conditions of several tenants who live in deplorable conditions. Below is the full press release.

Miami, Florida – On Tuesday September 30, 2014 Florida State Representative Daphne Campbell (D) of District 108  received great news from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) in regards to several apartment buildings that she has been diligently working to find remedies for the tenants who are residing there.

On September 18, 2014 Representative Campbell reached out to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) to inform them of the dreadful conditions that tenants of several apartment buildings are living in. Some of which including 6040 NW 12th Avenue, 1231 NW 61st Street, and 1250 NW 62nd Street.

After receiving this information the Florida DBPR immediately went to work. The Florida DPBR and Division of Hotels and Restaurants conducted inspections at each of the facilities and noted safety violations and issued an Administrative Determination and Order of Closure.

This means that the above listed apartment buildings can now be ordered condemned. It is an amazing victory for not only the tenants that are residing there now, but to future tenants who would have been put into this horrible situation. The tenants that are there now will be forwarded to local agencies that will help them find better housing situations.

Representative Campbell is overjoyed by this determination. “This is a great victory for the constituents of district 108. I would like to give a special thanks to Carolyn Boyce for being the initial person to inform me about these horrible living conditions and having complete faith that I would find a resolution to these problems. I worked strenuously and now we can all see those results. I would also like to thank Bishop Victor T. Curry for spreading the news about the severity of this issue.”

Representative Campbell would also like to extend a thanks to Miami Dade County Deputy Mayor Russell Benford, Commissioner Hardemon’s community liaison Patricia Lott, City of Miami Department of Unsafe Structures Rene Diaz, City of Miami Department of Net Orlando Diez, City of Miami Asst. City Attorney Daniel Goldberg, City of Miami Police Earnest Lawrence, Legal Services of Greater Miami, Inc. lawyer Rebecca Schram, Adrian Modric with the Miami Workers center, Nathaniel Wilcox with Pulse Miami, Carolyn Boyce a strong advocate, and Elizabeth Regalado, Manuel Sarria, Victoria Mallete all with the Miami-Dade County homeless trust.

However the race isn’t over yet and Representative Campbell acknowledges this. “I am going to continue to work on this issue so that none of these people find themselves in similar or worse conditions.”

 Pictures of the living conditions in these properties